2015-2016 Officers/Executive Committee of The Choral Club of Hartford

345 South Main St., Glastonbury, CT 06073 c/o Mark Dzialo


James Boratko- Director

*President Dave Unsworth
Vice President Open
*Treasurer Mark Dzialo
*Secretary Michael Boller
Business Manager/Advertising Terry Crescimanno
Music Chairman Bob Bonato/Bob Ball
Active Membership Chairman Open
Associate Membership Chairman Wentworth Lawrence
Corporate Membership Chairman Open
Publicity Co-Chairman Mark Dzialo
Refreshments Bob Bonato
Librarian Bob Bonato
Historian Wentworth Lawrence/Bob Ayer/Terry Crescimanno
Sectional Representative(T1, T2) Mike Boller/BobAyer
Sectional Representative(B1, B2) Bob Ball/Fred Margeson
Auditorium Committee Giny Ayer, Lynda Bonato
Concert Refreshments Geri Pizzella/Susan Dzialo
* Executive Board Member  

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Information can be gotten by getting in touch with anyone on the contacts page.

An Associate Sponsorship Membership form is printable here.

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